Simple Spring Equinox Ceremony  

The Spring equinox is the point when the sun is directly in the middle point of the equator. Equi meaning ‘equal’ in latin. This is the time when new shoots literary spring forth from the darkness, when lambs are born, the sun returns and the whole cycle seems to begin again. 

Spring is a wonderful time to declutter the home and with the new light shining through the windows from the higher sun and longer nights, you can harness that feeling of starting afresh and welcome this positively charged energy into your life.

Ideas and spontaneous acts to honour the Spring Equinox might look like: Spring cleaning. Donating to charity old clothes and other items you don’t need or want. Setting intensions and making heart felt plans for the warmer months for you and loved ones

Spring+Equinox Ritual.jpeg

Once you’ve cleaned your space and reaffirmed those intentions - which were perhaps initiated in the New Year, you can seal this clearing ritual with a beautiful fragrant smudging to diffuse any stagnant or lingering energies from wintertime.

Smudging is a practice that has been passed down through the ages and is a simple way to cleanse your own personal energies and of the space or objects around you. It’s a very gentle way also to cleanse personal items such as crystals and jewellery (and is the preferred method for many over the harsher salt method). By holding the intension to clear negative or stuck energies in your mind, you can release anything that does not serve you from yourself, others and which may be lingering in the space. 


How to Cleanse the Energy in the Home

Here are a few tips on smudging that I use in my own  practice:

    1    To begin smudging, light your palo santo stick or a bundle of smudging herbs like sage, by gently lighting it up and wafting out the flame after a few seconds - don’t blow! You can also do this with a natural Palo Santo Atmosphere Mist if you don't or can't light a stick - like in a hotel room or at work for example. 

    2    When the stick is nicely smoking direct this cleansing smoke with a feather or fan around the body. Starting at the head work your way down to the feet, lift up the soles of each foot and then track the smoke back up the body again. End at the crown of the head gracefully swirling the smoke back up to the sky. You can also read my post on How to use Palo Santo Sticks.

    3    To cleanse your space with smudging it's a similar method. Walk around every part of your space with the intension to purify the energies. Go under tables, beds, in dark corners and especially around electrical items and sockets. You may even like to first walk around the space with a drum and then a delicate chime before smudging. Sound vibration is also a powerful tool to reset any stuck energy formations. For more on this see this blog on creating harmony with Sound, Incense & feng Shui.

Enjoy the Spring Equinox and have fun !