Purify & Integrate with Californian Sage Smudge

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PURIFY … Winter is a deep time, the shorter and often grey days can weigh heavy. Become conscious of any subtle battles you are playing and surrender to your vulnerability at this time. See yourself in everyone you encounter. Winter is calling you to dive deep in the dark, accept the ebb and flow of life. Note that however dark the is night, everything constantly shifts ...know the light is always just around the corner. One need only to step aside, breathe deep and be in touch with the beautiful fragility of simply being. Light and dark are perfect, yin and yang.

Today we smudged our house after a lot of clearing honest talks. This is a great practice to clear the air and purify your space of any stuck energy that can accumulate. The smoke of this fresh scented native sage has purifying properties and has been used by Native American and European Shamanic tribes in healing ceremonies for centuries. The smoke is thought to reset invisible energetic patterns and release negative energy which can cling to objects, people or hang around in spaces. When you smell this ancient scent, you might feel a sense of relief, as well as perhaps a connection with the ancestors, as they would certainly have known this fragrant herb.

How to Cleanse with Californian Sage Smudge Stick

  • Light the tip of the sage smudge stick till it catches the flame

  • Waft the flame out - never blow

  • Allow the herb bundle to smoulder and smoke - holding over your open palm or a dish

  • Trace the smoke around objects, people and around your space

  • Hold the intension to cleanse the space and release any negativity or anything that no longer serves you

  • To extinguish the sage smudge stick - it may go out naturally, or stub out on a dish

    ** never leave burning herbs unattended, respect the energy of fire

Emma Leafe