Autumn, a time for reflection, of shedding, letting go. Awareness of the cycle of life, the shadow-side ... before the light comes agin and the darkness vanishes. When we connect with ourselves on the deepest levels, we can keep the energy moving authentically in a forward motion instead of stagnate.


A positive aim during Autumn is to keep the body moving, now the nights are pulling in. Connect with nature in its fall time. Observe the elegance of trees and plants as they wind down.

Move things around your space to stir up energy that may have set through the Summer. This further keeps the energy flowing, similar to the ancient practice of feng shui. I like to open doors between rooms in my house, also slightly open a window, to circulate the air.

Palo Santo is my favourite scent for cleansing spaces. It’s used by Amazonian shaman during ceremony to clear stuck energy in moments of transition. Palo Santo sticks work well as the scented smoke is thought to purify objects, people and spaces. We’ve created a new smaller 50ml size of our spray and a 10ml high concentrated natural perfume to fit in your day bag. Without burning the wood you can still raise your vibration using this sacred plant oil, whilst moving through changes. 🙏🏻