Palo Santo Atmosphere Mist

We are thrilled to finally launch our Palo Santo Atmosphere Mist to you. The sprays have been available in different forms from our pop up stalls for some years now, but we didn't have the right bottle that truly fitted our aesthetic ... so it only reached our local area and friends and family. 

The Palo Santo Mist has been tried and tested in our pop up's in Europe and many customers repeat buy in bulk and love it ! - so we are really pleased to now be able to officially offer it to You on our website : ) 

Aromatherapy Spray with 100% Natural Ingredients

The ingredients are 100% natural, made with the essential oil of our sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood, as well as beautiful, pure woody botanical waters and a blend of ancient forest essential oils to uplift the spirit.

As you may know burning of spraying the mist of Palo Santo is a lovely way to cleanse the space, refresh textiles and bring a high vibration to the atmosphere in your room. Enjoy!! 

This powerful and sacred plant is a wonderful allie. Before you burn or work with Palo Santo it would be beneficial to thank the Palo Santo spirit and humbly ask for its assistance. ♥




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