Palo Santo to Uplift your Spirits

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As an alternative to white sage Palo Santo sticks can also be used to uplift your personal energies. You can do this by smudging yourself, areas or people, while consciously letting go of all negativity and unwanted energies that don't serve you. 

How to burn Palo Santo Sticks

  1. First light the stick and when it has been alight for some time, waft the flame out (don't blow)
  2. Trace around your head and body with the smoking Palo Santo stick, at the same time become present by connecting to your breathing.
  3. Become aware of the environment around you - preferably in nature or somewhere peaceful and beautiful.
  4. Consciously let go of repetitive thoughts, any identity you may be clinging to, expand, become the non physical part of yourself. 



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