This weekend I took a journey to the Lake District in England, escaping the city spontaneously in my friends car. It took me hours and hours to drive through the country from London but it was so worth the endurance. Actually I quite enjoyed time on my own, speeding along listening to the beautifully crafted songs of Kate Bush and Ane Brun. Wondering how divine their inspiration was to write such lyrics and melodies...

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Nowhere to go ... but in  OSHO

Sometimes being on ones own suddenly turns the light of inspiration on inside. With no plan I was directed to the most staggeringly beautiful places seemingly by chance; by being open. People along the way seemed to know what I was looking for and pointed me there without me asking. Several poets and artists have drawn inspiration from the Lakes and I can see why. The landscape and the hint of it's Norse history is haunting. The wind, rain and black cloud made the experience even more affecting. Nature can be dramatic ... and other times beautifully serene, peaceful, and seemingly non eventful...

The Lake District is so stunning, I hadn't expected such immense beauty. I felt like I had arrived in Norway as I visited waterfalls, forests and huge expanses of mirror-like water. Driving through the glacial valley of Honnister Pass in the North I experienced such stark beauty. Hurricane Ophelia graced my visit to the near by Lake Buttermere ... and at times I had to shelter low on the ground beside a tree to stop her blowing me into the water with her 90 miles per hour gusts. Now I'm back in my studio in London and full of inspiration for winter, so pleased I made this trip and challenged myself - things that once seemed big and impossible like driving so far alone and finding my way suddenly seem so small in comparison to what I found there.

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