Listen to my Playlist 'Healing Sounds'

Music is medicine for me - there is nothing more powerful than listening to great music to get in the zone. However I'm getting very sensitive to types of music I can handle these days, it shifted after a retreat this Spring where I participated in a healing practice of Om-ing continuously for 6-7 hours! Afterwards I felt so finely tuned - even my eyes changed colour and remain brighter to this day. This surprisingly powerful, yet simple process reminded me of Dr Emoto's work with water crystals. He studied how the water crystals create beautiful patterns when they are played gorgeous music or infused with positive intension. Our bodies are 90% water, so it makes sense that Dr Emoto's discovery could also be applied to our bodies. The relentless stress, city noises or changes in environmental conditions can ultimately knock us out of tune.

Blending the Dark and the Light

So after this healing experience, I'm now reaching for more sensitive healing sounds to regularly tune myself back into alignment. This has brought me to start building a playlist of music that feeds the soul but doesn't stray to far away from my musical taste - which is quite eclectic and a little dark : ) For me personally it's important to blend the light and the dark, to awaken authenticity and give all emotions equal attention. Sound can then become a very powerful way of moving through our emotional states, as suppressing 'bad' emotions or labelling them unacceptable will only strengthen them and create more resistance to one being able to experience joy. Equally too much hedonism is exhausting and can leave us feeling unbalanced.

In this playlist I'll be experimenting with blending the dark and the light to lift off our stories but skill keeping the emphasis on being gentle, healing and soothing. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your favourite healing sounds in the comments below : ) 

Listen to HEALING SOUNDS here:

Emma Leafe