Be the Calm in the Eye of a Storm

There are many shifts occurring at the moment, can you feel them? Here are some thoughts inspired by various spiritual teachers and seems to be the over all message coming through at this time ...

Be the calm in the eye of the storm, be focused on your positive intent to lead a full joyful and abundant life. While the systems around us seem to crumble and many people are consumed in panic and fear, be the one who holds a calm, clear perspective.

We are co-creators of our own reality, free to choose the life we want to lead. Make your inner state the focus. Notice how you CHOOSE to feel. Right now if you look to your external reality, you will notice only a past reflection of who you have been. To experience true change you must focus all your attention inside your being, not on the external or the physical. That can only evolve when you have first changed your 'self', when you vibrate at a more positive, aligned frequency by following your hearts desire. Follow any calling from your deepest inner being, that which you have always dreamed of being-creating-experiencing. 

When all is calm, clear and focused on your desire internally, shift inside that positive awareness you have created. From this exalted state you can begin to assemble your intension to create a more aligned environment for yourself and others. Your true happiness is the reason for you being born. Consciousness didn't create you by accident, your uniqueness is what expands the collective consciousness. You are hear to be you - not to follow the crowd, or to be accepted by them. Be you, accept and 'own' your uniqueness, be joyful, follow your true hearts calling, that is all that you are here to do. What a relief to know that all you have to do is keep being YOU! 

So if you see the world around you seemingly descend into a place of all consuming fear, disempowerment, be the calm in the eye of the storm. Remain even more focused on what your heart desires to experience in the world. Join in this global movement of co-creating a new, more positive, aligned, conscious Earth by first realising that all change can only be made by first changing yourself: observe your actions, reactions, habits, thoughts, what you read, watch, fill your mind with, eat, what you choose to believe. Are those thoughts you think yours? Are those words you speak yours? Notice the way you care, listen and talk to yourself and others throughout your day. Don't accept mediocrity just because it's the norm. Break out of habits that do not serve you or the planet, be different. 

Experience bliss when you see the ripples emanating outward from your expression ...

Image seen at the  Yakushima Photo Festival  Exhibition in Arles

Image seen at the Yakushima Photo Festival Exhibition in Arles

Emma Leafe