Ibiza New Stockist : - )

New Stockist

As fate would have it, I visited a village that I had not been to before, as I liked the name, Santa Gertrudis. I sat having my morning coffee and gazing over the square to a beautiful boutique, Origins, that seemed to shine with well chosen ethnic garments on display and gently blowing in the breeze. I went inside and naturally got talking to the shop owner, a lovely Swiss, American, ibizencan girl, who's parents had travelled all over the word collecting ethnographic jewellery, textiles and objects. Ume incense sticks and our ceramic incense holder quite naturally found their way on a counter top to be sold there : ) I love it when no effort is required and things happen ... equal enthusiasm for each other is so important for Ume. My brand has never been about hard sales or convincing people of it's worth. All of my stockists have come this way, through a mutual appreciation, inquisitiveness and passion - it's so important to be able to feel excited about what you are involved in and be surrounded by people who have similar values. The energy flows like the torus. That's also part of my learning, follow your passion, if it excites you, you'll be in the flow and your vibration will naturally raise.

Emma Leafe