Introducing New Natural Incense

Exciting !!!! Introducing our two newest incense stick natural fragrances. These two are both use only a single scent ingredient - still totally natural (with no charcoal, filler or even essential oils).

We have been working on a more every day incense with shorter in length than our previous range. With 90 sticks in the box so you can enjoy more frequently : -  )


Pure Incense Single Scents 

Monreale is the softest scent of the two, getting is name from a 12th century basilica in Sicily which is filled to the brim with gold - it embodies this spicy vanillin scent by way of it's architecture fusing Byzantine and Arabic styles.

Point Lobos is named after a place in California famed for it's wild cypress tress that cling to the rugged rocks looking out to the infinite ocean. The scent encapsulates days warm days by the ocean or lost in endless forests, it's a uplifting scent of spicy cypress, evokes adventure on these beautiful coastal roads.


We hope you enjoy this everyday incense and see the difference between our more complex classic range (which are a blend of about 20 different herbs). These are perfect for the coming summer and smell great in the warm weather : - ) 

Emma Leafe