Natural, Raw Herbs in Pure Plant Incense

In the last weeks we have been busy working with our blender to bring you new blends of incense. As we were surrounded by the most captivating scents of each of the raw materials that make up the blends, we thought you might be interested to see what goes into the making of Ume incense. Here is lemongrass, aromatic ginger, cloves, orange peel. 

They are ground into a powder, mixed artfully together with around twenty other medicinal and aromatic herbs, roots, resins, seeds and barks, this process is inspired by ancient knowledge of medicinal blends. When the mixture is ready it is skilfully bound with water to make the incense paste and rolled into sticks. This newly produced incense is left to dry for around two weeks before they are ready to pack. 

As the ingredients are pure and natural no two batches are ever completely the same. The scents also get better - and more precious with age, as does tea and other arts.

Emma Leafe