Binaural Beats and Meditation

Being a music lover it comes as no surprise for me to learn that certain beats have been proven to help you get into that special state of deep meditation. Binaural beats, are two slightly different beats played through headphones in each ear, causing the left and right hemispheres of the brain to work together to hear a phantom frequency - a third tone. They effect our brainwaves in relaxing or uplifting ways and some are said to induce healing capabilities, boost our intuition and even help with learning.

What both surprises and delights me is how strong they can be - after all it is just sound, no substances are taken, no mysterious ambience, just sound waves creating a magical experience for the brain. Some of the ones I enjoy most are pure theta waves. Theta brain waves, measured at 4 -7 Hz, are the brain state of shamanic states of consciousness and REM sleep. Therefore Theta can be seen as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious, between dream and reality.  Binaural beats take you there in minutes - which previously may have taken years of meditation practice. It is said that while in the Theta state, the mind is capable of profound healing, learning and growth - some even refer to this as an 'alternative medicine'. You might also find with practice your inner vision can be turned on by your pineal gland, to perceive beyond the five physical senses.

Binaural beats come in several frequency ranges which are all interesting to explore, if you feel like experimenting there are many sources where you can find them, both online and in certain shops. I trust you will find some you like and enjoy as much as I did!

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HealingEmma Leafe